Fishing for Families in Need


                                      F4FN's Board

President and Founder: Lucas T. Metropulos

Lucas Metropulos founded Fishing for Families in Need at the young age of 15 and since then has been adamant on the program's success and growth. He is the son of a Greek Orthodox minister, and has five siblings. He is currently a student at Duke University majoring in Public Policy. He then plans to attend law school to study environmental law.                               

Vice- President: David Maillis

David Maillis, along with his brothers and family inspired Lucas Metropulos to create Fishing for Families in Need. He was raised on a mango farm in Nassau, Bahamas where he developed a strong connection with the ocean and its inhabitants. David is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Management and Leadership at Hellenic College/Holy Cross Orthodox School of Theology. As VP he is responsible for helping maintain and spread new programs as well as working to enlist new private donors.

Treasurer: Hiroshi Ono 

Hiroshi Ono was born in Bogotá, Colombia but moved to the US in 2004. He has been with F4FN since its inception. Currently, Hiroshi is majoring in Philosophy at Columbia University, where he has also engaged his interests in Modern Art, Psychology, and Economics. He speaks English and Spanish as well as some French. As Treasurer he his responsible for making sure F4FN is financially sound, responsible, and sustainable. 

Secretary: Evalana Metropulos

Evalana Metropulos was born and raised in Boca Raton, FL. Currently, Evalana is a sophomore at Wake Forest University. She is planning to double major in Communications and Spanish with a possible minor in Economics. She is fluent in English, proficient in Spanish, and has a basic understanding of the Greek language. As the Secretary of F4FN, Evalana is responsible for taking the minutes of our meetings, promoting the ideals of the non-profit organization, and helping maintain records.


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