Fishing for Families in Need



 Adult Graduate of a Similar Program

As founder Lucas Metropulos was directing a hands-on casting class, a passerby inquired if he was the director of the fishing program going on, and he told him yes. The man proceeded to shake Lucas's hand and told him that because of a program just like F4FN he was able to find a sense of purpose that his life had been lacking. He embraced fishing and straightened out his life, which had previously been mired in unlawful and unethical acts. He told Lucas that he had read about the program in the paper and was honored to see the program in action.


Testimonies from Students

  • "Don't catch what you're not going to eat," said Jessica Surpris, a fourth-grader at Addison Mizner Elementary School. "If you keep getting fish that you’re not going to eat, they might go extinct, and eventually we're not going to have any fish to eat.

  • "I really like this class. It's cool, and I like to fish because it is fun," said Geoffrey Mereno, a third-grader at J.C. Mitchell Elementary School, who said he wants to become a fisherman. "I can feed people and make money."

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